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Dwyane Wade Fires Back At Fan Trying To Troll Him, LeBron James And Jimmy Butler

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Not everyone can handle the burdens and the pressure of being an NBA star. But even those who can aren't perfect and are allowed to fail every now and then.

Even the greatest players on earth have missed a couple of clutch free throws. It happens, you learn from it, and you move on. There's no need to read too much into it. Obviously, that's when leaders need to show their support and step up to let their teammates know that it's all going to be ok as long as they keep pushing forward.

That's what happened when Bam Adebayo missed a clutch freebie during the Miami Heat's win over the Portland Trail Blazers, prompting a disappointed stare from Jimmy Butler.

That scene made a Miami Heat fan try to call out Dwyane Wade and LeBron James for missing free throws during their time together at South Beach:

"Where was @JimmyButler when @DwyaneWade and @KingJames was missing our free throws lol," the heckler asked.

Wade perhaps didn't take those comments lightly and responded the only way he knew how: Roasting his former teammate and friend:

"On the bench taking notes of what not to do when he becomes a superstar," Wade ironically replied.

That's just classic Wade. But there's a lot of truth to his words. Remember that Wade took Jimmy Butler under his wing during the brief time they shared with the Chicago Bulls, up to the point where Bulter is now carrying his torch as the leader of the franchise.

Wade and Bulter grew to become great friends and Jimmy's development as a superstar was partly thanks to his mentorship. So yeah, he has the bragging rights here.