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Dwyane Wade Goes After Jimmy Butler Haters After Heat Win Game 3


Jimmy Butler guaranteed that his team wouldn't get swept by the clearly superior Lakers and, after today's huge Game 3 upset, he has officially followed-through on that promise.

In a game many had the Lakers dominating, it was Butler who led his team to an impressive win, dropping 40 points, 13 assists, 11 rebounds, 2 blocks, and 2 steals on an insane 70% shooting from the field.

It was a huge performance that raised many eyebrows around the association -- including those of Heat legend Dwyane Wade, who had a short but blunt message for the doubters.

Despite LeBron James being his best friend, Wade has already expressed his support for the Heat (his former team) and for Butler (his former teammate during the 2016-17 season). When it comes to loyalties, there is no mistake where Wade's lie in regards to the NBA and this Finals series.

So, will he get the pleasure of watching the Heat win again this season? Surely, today's win (which came without two key players) proves they are more than capable of keeping up with this Lakers squad. Nobody should count them out.

Unfortunately, nobody has shown they have the pieces to handle LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Unless Miami can somehow contain them three more times in the next four games, their chances don't look good... but it's not like they haven't heard that one before.