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Dwyane Wade Has A Great Idea For NBA Christmas Day Games

(via Twitter)

(via Twitter)

The NBA Christmas Day games are one of the biggest games of the year for the league. The annual slate of matches usually features the league's best teams but, considering it's planned way ahead of time, it can be largely hit or miss.

This year serves as a perfect example. With some good games set (Lakers vs Clippers, Bucks vs Sixers), there are also some duds (Rockets vs Warriors, Pelicans vs Nuggets). So how can the NBA do better next time?

Dwyane Wade recently proposed a brilliant idea, which he shared on Twitter.

Of course, the execution of such an idea is much easier said than done. Logistically, it would be a nightmare to organize, seeing as they can't just change the schedule mid-season.

Still, it's a nice way to mix things up, keep the games interesting, and reward teams for their good performance. As for scheduling, perhaps they can play Christmas Day games on a neutral site?

Whatever the case, the league should consider some changes. One of the biggest regular-season days of the year has to be near-perfect, after-all.