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Dwyane Wade: "I Have ZERO Tolerance For Any Hate Speech!"

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Dwyane Wade was immersed in controversy once again when he showed his support to Nick Cannon. The rapper and TV host was recently fired after making some anti-semitic remarks in a recent podcast. ViacomCBS parted ways with Cannon on Tuesday, citing “hateful speech” and “anti-Semitic conspiracy theories” he espoused on the mentioned podcast.

D-Wade was one of those showing his support to Cannon after the news broke. “We are with you keep leading!" he told Cannon on Twitter.

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A couple of hours later, after he received a ton of comments, Wade sent another tweet changing his stance on that matter, explaining he is against any form of hate speech, no matter who says it.

"I want to clarify my now deleted tweet. I was not supporting or condoning what Nick Cannon specifically said, but I had expressed my support of him owning the content and brand he helped create. I was too quick to respond without being fully informed about his hurtful anti-Semitic remarks. As you all know I have ZERO tolerance for any hate speech!"

Anti-semitism has been a recurrent topic in the NBA. A couple of days ago, Stephen Jackson defended DeSean Jackson for his remarks against Jewish people, Allen Iverson shared a picture with the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, a person considered anti-semite by plenty of organizations.

As you see, this is not a rare topic in the NBA community. Fortunately, Wade corrected himself and made it clear that these messages aren't allowed in the NBA world.