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Dwyane Wade Laughs After Udonis Haslem Gave Him His Game-Worn Shoes, NBA Fans Start Making Jokes: "So Fresh Out The Box Shoes"

Dwyane Wade Laughs After Udonis Haslem Gave Him His Game-Worn Shoes, NBA Fans Start Making Jokes: "So Fresh Out The Box Shoes"

The Miami Heat finished the 2021-22 regular season with the best record in the Eastern Conference. Obviously, the entire world has their eyes on the first seed as they are expected to be the favorites to at least go all the way to the NBA Finals.

Following a fantastic regular season, the Heat have carried their form to the playoffs as well. After easily defeating the Trae Young-led Atlanta Hawks, the franchise is now facing the Philadelphia 76ers in Round 2 of the postseason.

While initially, it might have seemed like a close contest, the 76ers are missing their MVP contender in Joel Embiid, who is sidelined due to injury. As a result, the Miami Heat have already gained a commanding 2-0 lead in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. The level they are playing at has certainly made fans and former franchise legends alike.

Speaking of the latter, future NBA Hall of Famer and franchise legend Dwyane Wade was present on the sidelines to show his support for the team. The Heat didn't disappoint as they easily won the second game of the series in front of D-Wade.

Following the amazing victory, fans witnessed a hilarious moment between Wade and veteran Heat star Udonis Haslem. Haslem treated Wade like an awe-stricken fan and handed him his "game-worn" shoes after the two were talking post the victory.

After seeing this gesture from Haslem, Wade burst into laughter and couldn't help but hug his former teammate. Upon seeing this moment on the court, NBA fans started making jokes about it, and here are some of the best jokes that fans came up with.

arang123: "So fresh out the box shoes."

sonprodigal_: "'Game worn' 😂 ok."

uhohnick: "UD played his heart out on the bench."

yadgire7: "Wade got a brand new unused pair 🥺😅."

amrnyc__: "Dude didn’t even play a minute in the game tho."

chicopriest: "Them shoes fresh out the box still."

topilaks: "I thought it was 'Bench worn'? 😂"

lif.thousand: "Give Wade them damn high heels he be wearing."

robert_deon: "So how is he still playing for Miami? I love my team but I don’t get it in some ways. He is MIAMI though."

thatlakesguy18: "Ain’t even have creases on em yet 😂."

dom.yibambe: "The warm ups 😂 they was hot, they cooled off now."

jerometorralba: "Anybody noticed chris quinn heat assistant coach in the back? Cringe😂."

diego.iivan: "D Wade don’t want them bruh😂."

fwhov: "LMFAOOOOO why is this so funny😂."

dmizzyyyy: "Them jawnts got the new shoe smell 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂."

It is a well-known fact that despite being on the roster, Udonis Haslem rarely plays a game. Instead, he has taken on the role of a mentor and coach for the team and is a locker room leader.

Even in the Game 2 win, Haslem didn't even step on the court during the match, which led to many finding this gesture by Haslem hilarious.