Dwyane Wade Mocks Paul Pierce Following Miami Heat's Win Over The Boston Celtics

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Paul Pierce hates the Miami Heat and they hate him back. It's been like that since they went back-and-forth in the playoffs and it's only gotten worst since he retired to become an analyst and hot-take specialist.

That's why it didn't surprise us to see that Dwyane Wade took it to his Twitter account to clown him as soon as the Miami Heat took down the Boston Celtics in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals, asking him where he was and reminding him that he knows where to find him:

Pierce had started this little beef a couple of weeks ago when the Boston Celtics got past the Toronto Raptors, taking it to Twitter to demand the Celtics to Beat the Heat, referring to the same motto the crowd yelled when they faced off against Wade and LeBron.

Pierce has taken countless shots at the Miami Heat's Big 3. He claimed that they underachieved by winning just a couple of NBA Championships, said that LeBron James wasn't a top-5 player in the history of the game, and even stated that he had a better career than Dwyane Wade, even though Wade has more rings and personal accolades than him.

To be fair with The Truth, he did backpedal no his take of LeBron James and even claimed that he could put him right behind Michael Jordan if he were to win an NBA Championship this season.

It seems like Pierce is the biggest loser of the Conference Finals right now. He's trapped between rooting for his hated Miami Heat to beat his lifelong rivals Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James, or root for LeBron James to add even more silverware to his résumé and help the Lakers tie the Celtics in the all-time NBA Championship winners list.