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Dwyane Wade On Launching Budweiser Zero: "It Was Personal To Me Because Of My Mom's And Dad's Journey Through Addiction."

Dwyane Wade

Since his retirement in 2019, Dwyane Wade has been a busy man. Besides regular appearances in the media world, he also became part-owner of the Utah Jazz and is expected to have a big role in the future of the team.

Most recently, he even launched a new collection of NFTs with 'Budweiser Zero,' Bud's first-ever non-alcoholic and zero-sugar beer. In a chat with Boardroom, he spoke about the launch and what inspired him to get involved with the project:

As of May 10, Budweiser fans of legal drinking age in select markets across the US can purchase custom Wade Budweiser Zero cans equipped with his likeness with the purchase of Budweiser Zero on The popular brewing company is also releasing a line-up of Wade-themed merchandise and apparel available for purchase online.

“I love this project because one of the quotes that I came up with and what I live by is what’s on the can: my belief is stronger than your doubt. That’s something that when you’re talking about alcohol, drinking, dieting, or whatever, you need some encouragement,” Wade told Boardroom in an exclusive interview. “To have a can that gives you that encouragement to me is something that’s dope.”

“I like to say my partnership with Budweiser happened organically… it was kind of the perfect storm,” Wade told Boardroom. “It was personal to me, and I always say it was personal to me because of my mom’s journey and my father’s journey through addiction to alcohol. They stopped drinking years ago, so for me to be a part of creating a non-alcoholic brew not only for the masses but just for my parents is something I was excited about doing.”

According to Wade, his parent's journey through addiction and alcohol is one of his primary motivations behind getting involved with the iconic brand — and there is no doubt that his story will help lure people to the collection. As for what else we can expect from Wade, nobody yet knows. But as he continues to grow in the business world, he will probably be involved in a number of other projects in the months and years to come.