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Dwyane Wade On The Warriors: "I've Gotten A Better Appreciation For Draymond Green Since I've Retired... Steph Curry, He's One Of The Greatest To Play This Game... It's Just Basketball That You Want To Watch."

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During the mid-2010s, the Golden State Warriors were a powerhouse, going on a dynastic run and winning titles in 2015, 2017, and 2018. However, after 2018, things have not gone that well for them: they lost to the Toronto Raptors in the 2019 Finals and were out of the playoffs during the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons after Kevin Durant's departure to the Brooklyn Nets.

However, it is quite possible that the current 2021-22 season is where the Warriors turn it around. They are one of the best teams in the league currently, sitting at the top of the Western Conference with an 11-2 record.

Dwyane Wade was recently on First Take and was asked to comment on the Warriors. Wade praised Stephen Curry and Draymond Green while adding that the Golden State Warriors play a form of basketball that "you want to watch".

It's beautiful watching them play basketball. As a fan of the game, the way they share the wealth, the way they share the basketball.

I've gotten a better appreciation for Draymond Green since I've retired, and really wathed this guy. I mean he's a point guard. Like he is one of the best playmakers in the game. But Steph Curry, he proved it last year He proving it again this year. He is one of the greatest to ever play this game. He's on that mount Rushmore from a standpoint of changing the face of the game... Steve Kerr is doing an amazing job of allowing those guys to play free. The excitement that they bring... it's just basketball that you want to watch.

There is no doubt that the Golden State Warriors are an entertaining team when they're performing well. The ball movement and unselfish play on their team have been lauded many times, including now by Wade.

The Golden State Warriors look like one of the contenders for the NBA title. While many doubted them ahead of the season, their own players knew that they would be contending for the 2021-22 NBA championship. We'll see if they are able to keep this up for the whole season, and once Klay Thompson and James Wiseman are back, the team will be even better.