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Dwyane Wade On Why Stephen Curry Is Not An MVP Favorite: "It’s Just Going To Be Hard For Him To Win When You Got LeBron Over There"

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Stephen Curry is having a wonderful season this one, despite the Golden State Warriors' recent struggles in the NBA. The Dubs have tried to compete in a very difficult Western Conference but, as long as they have Curry, they will have a chance.

Curry is, according to Draymond Green and Steve Kerr, playing the best basketball of his career and it's not a surprise that some people consider him an MVP candidate at this point. He is the reason why the Warriors are fighting for a playoffs spot but not everybody believes that is enough for Curry to win the award, especially knowing how great other players are playing at this moment.

For instance, 3x NBA champion Dwyane Wade recently explained why he doesn't believe the two-time NBA MVP could add another trophy to his cabinet this season, citing LeBron James' big campaign as the main reason for Curry's failure to win another MVP award. Wade did admit that Curry is playing great basketball but doesn't see him winning the prize with LeBron doing his thing in Los Angeles.

“He’s playing at an MVP level. But when your team is not winning the games that you won in those years, winning back-to-back MVPs. It’s just going to be hard for him to win when you got LeBron over there in LA doing what he’s doing.”

“And KD doing what he’s doing in Brooklyn. He’s playing at an MVP level, there’s no question about it. He’s my favorite player to watch play the game of basketball right now," Wade said on the Warriors superstar.

This season is full of challenges for the Warriors, especially after losing Klay Thompson to a season-ending injury again. Curry has tried to carry his team but if they don't post better numbers and the Lakers keep confirming they are the team to beat this season, Steph won't stand a chance against the King regardless of how well he plays.