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Dwyane Wade Reveals The 3 Toughest Players He's Ever Had To Guard

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

Amid worldwide panic, Dwyane Wade had the time to answer some fan questions in a Q & A on Twitter.

Among a series of hot-button questions, Wade was asked to name the top three players he's ever had to guard. After 17 seasons in the NBA, he has obviously seen some steep competition, but here are the three that he named: Kobe Bryant, Baron Davis, and Richard Hamilton.

As one of the best scorers in the game and, arguably, the greatest Laker ever, Kobe's inclusion on the list is not surprising. They've had some epic duels in the day. Baron Davis may not be a fan-favorite but the dude was a talented scorer. He and Wade met multiple times and even collided in the 2004 postseason. Rip Hamilton was a 3x All-Star and offensive juggernaut. Wade always seem to struggle to guard him when the two faced off. It's interesting to hear these sorts of things from a guy who had such an illustrious career. Obviously, him picking those three out of all the guys he's played against says a lot about their game. Wade also answered other questions in the Twitter Q & A, and they are all worth checking out. Here's a few of them:

As the league-wide suspension continues, NBA fans are having to do without basketball, or any other major sport, for the foreseeable future. It was nice for all of us to hear Wade talk ball and take our minds away from all that's happening -- if even just for a few minutes.