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Dwyane Wade Reveals He Used To Wear Heels And Dresses As A Kid

Dwayne Wade Reveals He Used To Wear Heels And Dresses As A Kid

Dwyane Wade is one of the most beloved former NBA players of all time. The Miami Heat legend earned a lot of love and respect from a young age after he led his team to the 2006 NBA championship against the Dallas Mavericks in a memorable series for the Floridian team. 

Wade remains one of the most respected retired players out there, but that doesn't mean he has his fair share of haters. Flash is one of the most genuine guys out there and he doesn't hesitate to express his opinion on anything and defend what he believes in. 

It's not a secret that the 3x NBA champion has a son transitioning into a young girl, which has earned Wade a lot of criticism. Well, he remains unbothered by that, claiming that he loves his kids unconditionally and nothing will ever change that. 

The shooting guard has opened up about what this situation means for him, even revealing that he had 'different' ideas of what to wear during his childhood. During an old interview on I AM ATHLETE, the former player-turned-analyst revealed that he used to wear heels and dresses as a kid, saying that his sister served as an inspiration for him. 

"You know, as kids, I used to put on heels, I used to do all those things. Whatever my sister, whatever my sister did, I tried to do those things, so first, I said to myself, 'oh no, I did that, so he's just doing the things that I did. And then it went further and further and me and my wife had to look at each other and say ‘What if?'" Wade said while talking about his daughter Zaya. 

This could be controversial for a lot of people, but Wade openly shared that and didn't feel any remorse in that. The man knows that as kids, we can do certain things that adults would see as 'weird,' but it's just us exploring everything around us. Dwyane is very proud of his kids and he doesn't hesitate to defend them, no matter how many people try to bring them down. 

Flash is arguably the third greatest shooting guard of all-time behind Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, but even with his incredible resume as a player, his work as a dad stands out the most, if you ask me.