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Dwyane Wade Reveals He Will Be Rooting For Miami Heat Over LeBron James In NBA Finals

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

As Dwyane Wade is no longer slashing to the basket and getting buckets on the floor anymore, he gets to enjoy sitting back and cheering as a fan like the rest of us. For Wade, he could not have dreamed a better Finals matchup as his best friend LeBron James leads the Lakers to battle against Wade's former team Miami Heat. Whoever wins this series, Wade will be a happy camper.

But who is he really rooting for?

Like a son choosing between which parent he likes most, Dwyane Wade managed to come up with a surprising answer. He replied to Magic Johnson's tweet to the same question we all have and made it clear he is all in for Heat Nation. That's right, he would prefer if his best friend and former teammate lose to the franchise that Wade managed to make his own.

Loyalty to a franchise is rare nowadays, and Dwyane Wade seems to still have it even if it means rooting against the man who helped deliver two more NBA rings on Wade's fingers. It will certainly be an intriguing matchup between the Lakers and Heat, and Wade will be hoping that Miami gets its 4th ring in franchise history. There probably isn't a better player in Miami Heat history than Dwyane Wade, so he clearly holds the Heat organization to the highest respect.

With Game 1 on Wednesday night, Wade will be eagerly awaiting the Finals showdown between LeBron's Lakers and the Miami Heat. In order for Wade to get his wish, Miami will need to pull off the upset against the heavily favored Lakers. The Heat have made it this far when no one expected them to, so the former Miami Heat legend might just get what he is praying for.