Dwyane Wade Reveals His Top 5 Players Of All Time

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Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Dwyane left a lot of good things to discuss during his appearance in a Bleacher Report app AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Friday. The former player-turned-analyst always has interesting things to say and this occasion was no different.

He made it clear that Michael Jordan was the greatest player of all time, but NBA fans wanted to know who else was there with MJ as the best ballers in history. Flash was inquired about his top five players in the history of the game, and he filled that list with some of the greatest talents basketball has seen.

“My list has definitely changed. Thats hard to pick man. MJ is my fave of all time. Lebron is right there. Kobe Bryant. Allen Iverson. If i had to pick one more it would be shaq,” Wade said.

The Miami Heat legend already said MJ was the GOAT and his favorite player growing up. LeBron was his teammate in Miami, where they went to four straight Finals, winning two championships. Kobe was one of his rivals, but Wade admitted they had a great relationship built with respect. They played the same position and had to go against each other plenty of times.

Allen Iverson is an unusual pick for these lists, but not for Wade. AI is considered by many the most talented player in the history of the game. Wade even revealed a story of Iverson handing him a $1K chip to bet at a casino during his rookie year, so you know this man was great on and off the court.

As for Shaq, they played together in Miami, creating one of the best one-two punch duos in the league during their time together. They win the 2006 NBA championship in South Beach, and Wade knows the type of player his former teammate was.

Flash is also one of the best shooting guards in history. He’s often named on these types of lists, too. A lot.