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Dwyane Wade Reveals Kobe Bryant's Reaction After Wade Broke His Nose

Dwyane Wade Reveals Kobe Bryant's Reaction After Wade Broke His Nose

It’s the NBA All-Star weekend so it’s time to look back at one of the most controversial and memorable moments from a previous All-Star game. This one is all about Dwayne Wade and how he made history by being the first ever player to receive a flagrant foul in an All-Star game.

If it was any other match, it would probably be considered as just a strong hard foul, but it wasn’t received that way when Wade fouled Kobe Bryant in 2012 All-Star game that resulted in a broken nose.

In an interview with Kevin Garnett, Wade opened on the moment he fouled Kobe hard in the paint and the events that followed.

“Me and Kob’ got into a little tussle in the All-Star Game, and I ended up hitting him the wrong way and breaking his nose. … So after the All-Star break, we got the Lakers about three games after the break … I call him, not maliciously. I didn’t maliciously do it. I called him and said ‘Yo Kob” and he was like ‘Bro, I love it.’ I’m like [taken aback.] He’s like ‘I love it. I’ll see you in a couple days.’ And I’m like ‘Oh snap.’ And he gave it to me, too, boy.”

The two moved on from the incident almost immediately and it brought us the memorable matchup of the Lakers and Heat following the All-Star game where Kobe wore that unforgettable mask. Dwayne Wade was very much right about Kobe’s performance that night with an incredible game.

This will be Dwayne Wade’s last All-Star appearance with the star closing in on retirement.

The two champions will always go down in history as two of the most loyal and powerful players of all time.