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Dwyane Wade Says He Would Posterize LeBron James If He Can Pick One Current NBA Player

(via ESPN)

(via ESPN)

Even though they’re great friends, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are two of the biggest competitors the NBA has seen in recent years. They played together and against each other, making big plays against rivals and between them, but it looks like Wade still holds a desire of posterizing LeBron.

On Friday, he had a little AMA session with fans on Bleacher Report. Wade was asked what current NBA player he’d like to dunk on, and he picked his former teammate and long-time friend, LeBron James.

“Hahaha. That is the easiest one for me. That would be LeBron James. Because were friends. I want that notch on my belt. If i did in my last year i would prob get a tech for it. I would love to dunk on him,” he said.

D-Wade and Bron made a lot of spectacular plays during their time together in Miami, including one of the best dunks in NBA history against the Milwaukee Bucks.

It was a complete show watching these two throwing lobs to each other for the alley-oops, but now things have changed. LeBron is still dunking the ball with the Lakers, while Wade is retired, but still wishes to dunk on the King at least one more time.