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Dwyane Wade Says James Harden Is "One Of The Greatest To Ever Touch The Basketball"

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

In his 11th NBA season, James Harden is continuing to do James Harden things. Having scored over 40 three times in the last six games, the Rockets superstar is up to a season average of 38.8 points per game.

Of course, how he gets those points might be even more impressive. He can finish at the rim, make shots from long distance, shoot off the dribble, from the pull-up, in the post, and get himself to the free-throw line, where the guard is leading the league in attempts.

We haven't seen anything like Harden. And despite the hate that he gets, there is no denying he is an excellent ballplayer. Former Heat superstar Dwyane Wade went so far as to call him one of the greatest ever.

"It’s undeniable that he’s one of the greatest to ever touch the basketball...Just the way that he's able to score the basketball...That’s why he’s getting hate, because we’ve never seen it like this before."

If anyone knows how to judge the talent of a star shooting guard, it's Wade. Over the course of a 17-year-career, he's made 13 All-Star teams, won 3 NBA Championships, and has made 8 All-NBA rosters. He has had his fair share of battles with the Beard and, clearly, recognizes his game as unlike any other.

Perhaps it's time we do the same.