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Dwyane Wade Says Jimmy Butler Will "Energize" The Heat

(via Heat Nation)

(via Heat Nation)

Following the departure of LeBron James, the Miami Heat have been unable to re-gain a status as an Eastern Conference elite. With the acquisition of Jimmy Butler, however, they just got one step closer.

After deciding between a number of teams, Butler signed with Miami almost without warning. It was one of the most unexpected moves of the summer.

But now that they do have Butler, the Heat can begin to build the contender they've been trying to form for years. And while Butler himself will not be enough to get the job done, his impact going forward will be huge, as pointed out by Heat legend Dwyane Wade to Brandon Robinson of

“I think it’s going to fare well with him,” Dwyane Wade said. “And I think the guys on the team will be energized to have a guy like Jimmy there to push them. So, I look forward to them having a way better season obviously then we did the last seasons here in Miami.”

Like Wade, Butler is a guy who is willing to do whatever it takes to win. Whether it's calling you out in practice or pushing you during the game, he will demand the best from his teammates.

In the past, this attitude has not bode well for the 4x All-Star -- who was exiled from Chicago and Minnesota after rubbing shoulders with a few of the players there.

In Miami, he is hoping for a clean slate as he attempts to put their franchise back on the map.