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Dwyane Wade Says Playing The Lakers Is "Different"


It's Dwyane Wade's last season in the NBA. Which means Monday's visit to Staples Center will be his last (at least against the Lakers).

The 12x All-Star recently spoke about what it means to play the Lakers, interestingly adding that it'll be an experience unlike any other, for more reasons than one.

"It's always a different feeling when you're playing the Lakers," he said. "It looks different. It's dark in the crowd. The energy is different. I'm always excited to play the Lakers. It's gonna be a little extra special. I'm not gonna tell you it's another one of 82. Not for me."

"It's a game where I get to play against not only one of my best friends but one of the game's greatest players for the last time. I want to win as a team, but I want to savor the opportunities."

Obviously, for Wade, it'll be one of his last times going toe-to-toe with LeBron, his former teammate, and best friend.

It's been one hell of a career for Dwyane Wade. No doubt, he'll go down as one of the NBA's top-rated players. To hear him being honest about the situation is very refreshing and really puts things into perspective. He may not be having a huge retirement tour, but Wade is definitely enjoying these last moments.