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Dwyane Wade Says The Warriors Starting 5 Is 'As Good As It Gets' In NBA History


Five years ago, if I would have said five of the league's top 15 players would be on the same team, you would have called me crazy. Yet, as it stands today, that's the reality for Golden State right now, who are on their way to securing their third straight title.

Since Kevin Durant's arrival, nobody has been able to overcome this team, and NBA legend Dwyane Wade (who is in his final season) went so far as to call them the epitome of team greatness.

"That is as good as it gets in our game with any team ever to play this game," Wade told ESPN. "That is as good as it gets with a starting five. That is why they are who they are, that is why they are champions.

"To be able to add a guy like DeMarcus [Cousins] to it, that is what great teams do. They add a piece and keep adding certain right pieces, and they've done it."

He's not wrong.

Steph Curry is probably the greatest shooter of All-Time, with two MVPs and three Championships to back it up. Klay Thompson is right there with him, being the perfect teammate and backcourt partner for a loaded Warriors squad.

Then there's Draymond Green who, while limited on offense, can guard the opposing team's best player and provides the Warriors with a valuable spark.

Of course, there's Kevin Durant, often hailed as the NBA's second best player and a force nearly impossible to stop on offense.

Add in DeMarcus Cousins to all of that, and it's hard to imagine how the team could really get any better. And, no matter what happens this upcoming summer, what they've built here will be etched into basketball history for years to come.