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Dwyane Wade Shares Epic Story Of Meeting Allen Iverson At A Casino As A Rookie

(via Fox Sports)

(via Fox Sports)

Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade has shared a very interesting story about the first time he met Allen Iverson. Back in 2003, when Flash was a rookie, he flew to Puerto Rico with former Miami Heat star Eddie Jones, who introduced Wade to one of the most talented players to ever exist, AI.

Wade recently told the story of his first meeting with the guard on Bleacher Report’s ‘Lefkoe Show’, revealing the 44-year-old even threw a $1k chip for him to bet.

“Eddie Jones is like, ‘young fella, come with me’,” Wade said.

“So I go with Eddie Jones, and he knew Allen Iverson was one of my favorite players, so he wanted to introduce me,” he added. “And he introduced me to Iverson right there when they were gambling, so Iverson’s gambling and I’m standing there the whole time. And he threw me a $1,000 chip and was like, ‘Yo, go play this, young fella.’ So I played $500, and I put the other $500 in my pocket, because I didn’t have money like that at the time.”

This is a great story from Wade, which tells a lot about the type of person Allen Iverson was and is. He hasn’t hesitated to show his support to the new talent making his way to the NBA, and now we learned that it is an old practice for him.

Wade would go on to have a terrific career, mostly with the Miami Heat, winning three championships in South Beach, getting recognized as one of the best shooting guards in the history of the game. It’s not like Iverson giving him a $1000 chip at a casino changed his life, but you have to admit the story is worth telling.