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Dwyane Wade Shocked Everyone WIth A Dennis Rodman Hairstyle

Credit: IG/dwyanewade

Credit: IG/dwyanewade

Dwyane Wade is taking advantage of all the time off he has after retirement, especially now that the NBA is still suspended and the country is still fighting the coronavirus crisis. Flash is trying to innovate with everything he can and this time he went with his hairstyle.

The Miami Heat legend surprised everybody when he showed his new hairstyle, something that reminds us of another icon of the city of Chicago, Mr. Dennis Rodman. Wade posted on Instagram his new hairstyle, taking Jared Esguerra for his work.

He went with some flames on the back of his head, just like Rodman back in his day. D-Wade is doing everything this quarantine, inviting other NBA stars to his Instagram lives, having fun with his kids and wife, trying to get entertained during these complex times.

Now he's rocking a new hairstyle and fans are loving it. It took some time away from the NBA to try some crazy things, but he seems to be enjoying them.