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Dwyane Wade Will Not Return To TNT Next Season, Says Insider

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Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade is mostly known by fans for his time with the Miami Heat. He won three championships with the team, and he is widely viewed as the greatest player to play for the franchise. 

Obviously, LeBron James is probably a greater player in overall NBA rankings, but Dwyane Wade is regarded higher by Heat fans in terms of rankings specific to the franchise due to his loyalty. There's no doubt that Dwyane Wade has been the face of the Miami Heat and is regarded as a legend in Miami and the state of Florida as a whole.

Since his retirement, Dwyane Wade has been part of many interesting off-court ventures. One of the things he has done is appear on television as an NBA analyst and commentator for TNT. However, it seems as though he will not be continuing in that role going forward.

Dwyane Wade Will Not Be Returning To TNT As An Analyst

It has recently been reported by Andrew Marchand of the New York Post that Dwyane Wade will not be returning to TNT as an analyst for this upcoming season. Wade spent three years with the company, but wants to devote his attention to "various other business interests".

Future Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade will not return to TNT this season, The Post learned Tuesday.

After three years at the network, the decision was Wade’s, according to sources. TNT made an offer to keep him, but Wade has various other business interests he wants to focus on.

TNT declined comment, but there were no ill feelings between the two sides. 

There is no doubt that it is unfortunate that fans won't be able to hear Dwyane Wade's analysis of the game in the future. As someone who has won on the highest level, he has a lot of insight into what teams/players need to do to achieve the same success that he did during his career.

Hopefully, Dwyane Wade finds success in the "other business interests" that he is focusing on. He is notably a part-governor of the Utah Jazz, and he will have his hands full as the franchise enters a rebuilding period. Perhaps we will see him return to television in the future, and the "lack of ill feelings" between Wade and the Network leaves the door open for that possibility. However, it is clear that Dwyane Wade wants to pursue other things as of right now.