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Enes Kanter Believes Carmelo Anthony Should Be In The NBA



10x All-Star Carmelo Anthony has yet to find an NBA home, despite being considered as one of the best scorers of all-time. Team USA turned him down, the Lakers chose Dwight Howard over him, and word on the street seems to be that NBA GM's are slandering his name behind the scenes.

With no allies left, there might be no hope for Melo to return to pro-basketball.

Then again, if you ask Enes Kanter, he'll affirm that Carmelo should be in the NBA.

(via Spectrum News)

“Like a nightmare,” Enes Kanter describes his experience of guarding Anthony in the past. “Definitely, because still, he can score the ball anytime. He can get 22 to 25 [points] every game. So I think he’s definitely a very special player. I feel like he still belongs in the NBA. He should definitely be in the NBA.”

Carmelo's path to the league will not be easy going forward. At 35-years-old, and considering the way his last stints ended, it will be hard to convince GM's that he will be an asset to the team.

Is he really ready to take on a lesser role? He will be determined to show to the world that he is, regardless of what it takes.