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Enes Kanter Calls Out LeBron James In Front Of Everyone


Things between Enes Kanter and LeBron James are critical tensions.

Just a day after LeBron James presumed the Knicks made a mistake in drafting Frank Ntilikina, Enes Kanter publicly responded in a tweet directed at the Cleveland star.

In return, King James responded with this:

“I wasn’t throwing shade at Frank at all for people that got their pants in a bunch. People who just live in the box and for Enes Kanter who’s always got something to say... I don’t know what’s wrong with him.”

Well, as luck would have it, all this happens the night before Cleveland is due to play the Knicks in MSG.

Ultimately, the tension reached a breaking point, and the Knicks rookie (Ntilikina) wound up in a shoving match with LeBron James.

Kanter, of course, came to his teammate's aid during the scuffle, where he and James exchanged a few words of their own.

However, it's not so much what happened in the game that's so interesting, but what happened after.

Post-game, Kanter let it loose on the whole situation, where he basically called out LeBron:

"I don't care who you are," big man Enes Kanter said of James, per Al Iannazzone of Newsday. "What do you call yourself? King, Queen, Princess. Whatever you are. We're going to fight. Nobody out there is going to punk us."

In short, Kanter puffed his chest and stuck up for the teammates he believes were being bullied.

On the other side, LeBron had some words to say too, especially when he found out what Enes was saying:

LeBron takes a more careless approach here, seeming to brush off the whole situation, and even refusing to say Kanter's name out loud.

No doubt, things have gotten pretty heated between the two sides, and it could stay like that for quite a while. Ultimately though, the real fight is the one that begins in April, not the one the happens behind closed doors... and we all have a pretty good idea of who'll win that one.