Enes Kanter: "I’m Shocked And Disgusted. My Little Brother (Ahmet) Walking Around Atlanta, Gets A Gun Pulled On Him And Robbed."

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Credit: USA Today

Credit: USA Today

No one, not even NBA players or their families is exempt from a life-threatening event. 

If you don't take our word for it, just ask Enes Kanter and his brother Ahmet, who was recently robbed at gunpoint in Atlanta.

That's why the Portland Trail Blazers player took to Twitter to demand gun control measures and advocate for not putting weapons in people's hands anymore:

"I’m shocked and disgusted. My little brother (Ahmet) walking around Atlanta, gets a gun pulled on him, and robbed. When will we have some normal gun control measures? This is not okay & not normal. We need to keep demanding peace & change, and stop putting guns in peoples hands," the Blazers big man tweeted.

This stance doesn't come as a surprise considering Kanter has been an advocate for these kinds of social and political issues for quite some time now. He's constantly standing up against Turkey president Recep Erdogan and can't even travel to some countries out of fear he's incarcerated or killed.

Needless to say, this tweet raised several controversies among his followers, with some claiming that guns don't kill people and others seconding his motion of tighter gun control measures.

Regardless of where you stand on this controversial and sensitive issue, I think that we can all agree that these things just can't keep happening. 

A young man's life was in danger and for what? A wallet, a handful of cash, and a watch? Is that what a life is worth nowadays?

Gladly, Ahmet was safe and unharmed after just a scare, and hopefully, the person who robbed him will spend a lot of time behind bars.