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Eric Gordon Admits He's Having A Miserable Time In Houston Right Now


What happened to the Houston Rockets?

After literally coming a game away from a trip to the NBA Finals this past spring, they've opened the 2018/19 campaign falling flat on their face. With a record of 11-13, they sit at 14th in the loaded Western Conference. Definitely not what the team had in mind, even despite losing some key pieces over the summer.

Anyways, whatever the heck is happening over there, Eric Gordon is sick of it.

“I’m just not having fun man,” Gordon said toKelly Iko of the Athletic. “I’m just not. This sucks. Even the times where I have good games. We’re just not using some guys the right way. Are we gonna make the right sacrifices? Do we have the right attitude?

“Last year was the best year I’ve ever had being a part of a team,” he added. “We just never had a bad moment. If we ever had a bad game as a team, you knew the next game we would blow somebody out. It didn’t matter who it was.”

Honestly, nothing is out of the question when it comes to flaming the Rockets' performance right now.

Be it attitude or guys not fitting together right, it's hard to say they've been doing much of anything right this season.

But if they really think they're as good as they were last year, then it's time for them to show some perseverance. It's time for the team to overcome these early struggles, or deal with the fact that they might have never been that good, to begin with.