Erik Spoelstra Gives Savage Response To ESPN Reporter Who Asks Him About LeBron James Moments After Winning Eastern Conference Finals

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(via ESPN)

(via ESPN)

Just moments after becoming the first fifth seed to ever make the NBA Finals, the Miami Heat are taking some time to smell the roses before going back to business.

So when ESPN's Rachel Nichols asked a question about facing off against LeBron James, Heat coach Erick Spoelstra wanted no part of it, giving a rather savage response that many in the community have applauded.

"That's a great storyline, right? Can you let us enjoy this for a little bit right now? This is hard to do, it's hard to get to this point and I want our guys to recognize that, acknowledge it, enjoy it for at least a night and then we get onto that stuff tomorrow."

The last thing a team wants to talk on the night they advance to the NBA Finals is a guy on their newest competitor who used to play for the team.

This night is about the Heat and, as Spo stated, he wants to let his team enjoy their accomplishment before thinking about the work ahead.

Having been in this position before, Erik Spoelstra knows all about what it takes to win at this level of basketball, and he also knows how hard it is. For a team considered heavy underdogs, what they've done this season is nothing short of extraordinary.