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Erik Spoelstra On Tyler Herro: "We'll See If Herro Is Starting Point Guard"

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(via Sports Illustrated)

(via Sports Illustrated)

On a good team, rotations can get complicated. There are teams with too many ball-dominant players who can all score, and it gets tough when deciding who gets crucial minutes. The Miami Heat are one team with such an abundance of riches. Beyond their star in Jimmy Butler, they have some elite perimeter options; Kendrick Nunn, Goran Dragic, and Duncan Robinson are all in line for minutes at the backcourt and coach Erik Spoelstra will surely have some decisions to make.

After Tyler Herro's stellar rookie season, one wouldn't be alone in saying that he is someone who deserves to start. Starting would help Herro's development, allow him to play against more skilled players, and allow him to learn through his mistakes. However, Erik Spoelstra isn't 100% sure about the details. Barry Jackson reported a quote from Spoelstra:

A move like that does make sense for Spoelstra. Perhaps Spoelstra let the season play out with Dragic starting at the point guard position. The veteran can score efficiently while playing good defense and serving as a secondary playmaking hub. Dragic starting would keep the ship steady while Spoelstra sees which of his other perimeter players should get heavy minutes.

While Tyler Herro may not begin the season as the starting point guard for the Miami Heat, fans know that it is coming eventually. Herro is one of the most talented young players in the NBA, and perhaps this is the year we see his star rise.