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Erik Spoelstra Shoved Tyler Herro Into Position For An Isolation Play And He Scored Easily Against The Toronto Raptors

Erik Spoelstra Shoved Tyler Herro Into Position To Set Him Isolation Play And He Scored Easily Against The Toronto Raptors

Tyler Herro has quietly been having a pretty solid season. Now coming off the bench for the Miami Heat, Herro has been a reliable scoring option from the bench for them and has been mentioned as a potential favorite to win the Sixth Man Of The Year award. Perhaps this was the push that Herro needed to take his game to the next level.

But maybe, he needed an actual push. And Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra gave him just that during the Miami Heat's game against the Toronto Raptors. During a Heat possession in the 2nd quarter, coach Spo actually pushed Herro back into position as he was moving away.

After he got back into position, Herro drove the ball and scored a pretty easy, while still impressive, layup against the Raptors' defense. Coach Spoelstra showed last night that he will do anything to make sure that his players follow the offensive schemes and sets that he puts into effect.

Herro finished the game with 23 points and even had a massive dunk against the Raptors last night. Once again, Herro showed why he is a solid option coming off the bench, leading the Heat in scoring last night and helping them get the win over the Toronto Raptors.

For the season, Herro is averaging 20.6 points while mostly coming off the bench. He has become a reliable scorer for the team and can help keep the team going offensively when guards like Kyle Lowry and Duncan Robinson come off the court to get some rest.

Herro has commented about winning Sixth Man Of The Year when asked in the past but shied away from being assertive out of fear that he will be on ESPN the next day. But so far, he has played well enough to keep his name in contention for the trophy. Whether he wins it or not remains to be seen.