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ESPN Anchor Takes A Big Shot At Kyrie Irving: 'He Is The Only Person To Stop The Nets Next Season'

Credit: IG/netszn

Credit: IG/netszn

ESPN's anchor Randy Scott took a big shot at Kyrie Irving when explaining who could stop the Brooklyn Nets to rule the Eastern Conference and probably win it all this season. They put together a good core, led by Irving and Kevin Durant, joined by their new head coach Steve Nash.

The expectations are high for this team, but that hasn't stopped people from speculating about what situation is going to lead to this team to get dismantled, especially their star duo. When Bleacher Report's Oruny Choi asked on Twitter who was stopping the Nets, Scott quickly pointed out Kyrie Irving, who is not a fan favorite given his recent antics on and off the field.

Kyrie Irving has earned a reputation for being a conflictive presence around the league. Ever since his last season in Cleveland, the point guard was singled out as a bad teammate for his reluctance to keep playing with LeBron James. After he was traded to the Boston Celtics, things didn't change and Kyrie left the franchise after just two seasons, amid controversies, locker room beef that hurt the team's chemistry.

He couldn't fully play the first season with the Nets due to injuries, leaving the team off guard to face the bubble, getting eliminated in the first round against the Toronto Raptors. This season Kyrie and Durant had a lot to prove to themselves and NBA fans. They want to show they can lead a team to win championships, they have to show they aren't toxic teammates and can have a good relationship with the rest of the team. This season can be great and extremely bad for the Nets. It all comes down to what their two best players do when the season starts.