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ESPN Panel Predicts Where Kawhi Will Land Next Summer


Just because Kawhi Leonard is no longer a Spur, doesn't mean the rumors will stop.

In fact, with the Raptors, most have him wearing a different uniform by next summer. And while nobody knows what that uniform might be yet, a group of ESPN analysts gave their preictions anyway.

Here are the results:

Unsurprisingly, the Lakers came out as the number one choice. Which, to anyone paying any attention to the NBA the last couple of weeks, is a pretty safe selection.

Interestingly, the Raptors beat out the Clippers for the number two spot, meaning there should be a lot of optimism in Toronto on their chances of keeping Kahwi in town. No doubt, this would serve as the best case scenario for Toronto, who traded for Leonard just a couple of weeks ago.

We'll have to wait to find out, of course, but this Kawhi Leonard saga is still far from over as the new season approaches its beginning.