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ESPN Releases A Teaser For Next Week’s 'The Last Dance' Episodes: Michael Jordan And Kobe Bryant

Credit: ESPN

Credit: ESPN

'The Last Dance' continues enchanting everybody after chapter 3 and 4 saw the light on Sunday night. Those episodes were focused on how Dennis Rodman helped the team but created some troubles at the same time, as well as the things Phil Jackson did to improve the Bulls' level and how they got past the Detroit Pistons, one of their most hated rivals.

Now, ESPN has released a teaser for the 5th and 6th chapters of the series, which will talk about more drama inside the Bulls' locker room.

Moreover, we'll get to see how Michael Jordan became the huge star he is right now, how he went from a basketball star to a global brand, with the famous catchphrase 'everybody wants to be like Mike'.

But, that's not it. We'll get to see some of his duels with the late Kobe Bryant, who was a young baller in the 90s. We didn't see much of Jordan vs. Kobe when the former was with the Bulls, but it'll good to know how MJ saw Kobe when he was entering the league.

During the last seconds of the teaser, Jordan talks with Bryant, saying 'I'll see you down the road', as to what Kobe replied with 'cool'.

This has to be one of the most anticipated episodes of the entire docuseries. The relationship Kobe had with Jordan was really tight and we can't wait to see how that all started this next Sunday.