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ESPN's Analyst Amin Elhassan Fires Back At De'Aaron Fox, Calls Him A "B***h"

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The De'Aaron Fox beef with Amin Elhassan hasn't stopped, apparently, as both parties keep taking shots at one another. The Sacramento Kings found himself in the middle of a discussion that had nothing to do with him and he was quick to reply to Elhassan. During a recent edition of ESPN's "The Jump", Elhassan talked about Ja Morant, claiming he was everything De'Aaron Fox believed he was.

Of course, that didn't sit well with Fox, who took to Instagram to issue an NSFW response, calling the analyst a "b---h". That led to a confrontation on social media, with Fox and Elhassan exchanging jabs.

It appeared like that was the end of the problem for them, but now Elhassan has charged against Fox again, using the same word to describe the point guard and explaining that he shouldn't be so emotional in the NBA. On “The Harbershow,” Tom Harberstoh’s NBA podcast, Amin addressed the situation, explaining that Fox overreacted to something that can happen to anybody in the league.

“This isn’t the business for you to be catching feelings. Twas the b*tch that caught the feelings, not the man that you call the b*tch. And I’m not calling him a b*tch, I’m just saying,” Elhassan emphatically exclaimed during the podcast.

This is definitely not good but neither part is willing to give up here, apparently. Elhassan is standing by his words and he's not changing his mind while Fox obviously will defend his name against anybody. The Kings' star is yet to respond but one imagines his response won't take long.