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ESPN's Max Kellerman Believes Steph Curry Is More Influential Than LeBron James On The Court

LeBron James On How To Stop Steph Curry: You Can’t

Steph Curry and LeBron James are two of the greatest modern-day players of all time, and the two have recently been going head to head in the last four NBA Finals series.

However, this year is different, Steph Curry will be making his fifth NBA Finals appearance in a row while LeBron James will be watching the series from home.

LeBron’s move to the Lakers is yet to have the intended effect that it was supposed to, Steph on the other hand, has taken his game to yet a whole new level.

It has sure sparked the question of who’s the most influential player on the court and ESPN’s Max Kellerman believes that the answer is Steph Curry.

“He (LeBron James) transitioned us out of the modern era, but Steph Curry invented the postmodern era.” said Max Kellerman on ESPN’s First Take. “Steph Curry said I’m going to put the captain Mark Jackson, where ever I want and shoot the ball. It’s not all. 3-Point shots are created equally or shooting guard, but in a point guards body shooting from a million miles away, then dribble penetration to pay opening up. That way, now they’re no bigs, really the back-to-the-basket anymore. To when you talk about this era, there five figures, Rick Pitino, started it we’re going to shoot a lot of threes Bomb Squad, full court press, then Mike D’Antoni, Double Down On It. Nowitzki was the 7-footer. Was that I’m going to shoot the three Steph Curry from what I just said and then Draymond Green is another one, I’m just picking roll partner. I can play five out. I can play the five without defending my phone goes with Steph. Curry is the central figure in the way basketball is played today in the NBA, making him on the court, the most influential figure in the NBA.”

It’s a massive call and one that many will find controversial since LeBron has achieved so much on the court including three championships and four MVP awards.

In terms of the context of Kellerman’s opinion, he was strictly speaking about how Curry is more influential on the court and not saying that he was a better player than LeBron or anything. The Warriors guard has changed the way the modern game is played and that’s something that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Steph Curry has a chance to extend his legacy when the Warriors take on either the Milwaukee Bucks or the Toronto Raptors in the 2019 NBA Finals.