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Evan Fournier Is Mad At His NBA Live Mobile 22 Character: "Every F*cking Year Bro... I'm Sick Of This S*it."


There are a few basketball video games out there, and one of the things that seem to happen with a lot of them are inaccurate representations of certain players in the game. Some player models look nothing like their counterparts in real life. Of course, the games generally get the prominent superstars right in terms of how they look, but it looks as though Evan Fournier just wasn't that lucky.

Evan Fournier recently took to Twitter to complain about the in-game version of himself in NBA Live Mobile 22, posting a screenshot of himself in the game while stating that he's "sick" of the same thing happening every year. 

We can obviously tell that the NBA Live Mobile 22 representation of Evan Fournier looks nothing like him in real life. A lot of fans thought that this was his model in NBA 2K, the most prominent basketball game franchise out right now. There has been a lot of scrutiny towards NBA 2K already, and players and fans alike have already complained about the player ratings. This happens every year though, so this is nothing new.

However, 2K's Ronnie Singh corrected everyone by saying that they were targeting the wrong game, while also joking about the "impostor" being "beautiful". There's certainly a humorous aspect when looking at just how bad the player models get.

There's no doubt that video games may have their limitations, but it seems odd to be able to get some player models mostly right and others drastically wrong. The visuals are definitely important, and part of the reason that people play basketball games is to play with recognizable players that they like. Hopefully, we see more accurate representations of players in-game in the future, as that would make basketball video games drastically better and entice more people to play.