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Evan Fournier Takes A Shot At Davis Bertans For Sitting Out

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

NBA players started announcing they won't be attending the bubble location in Orlando next month to resume the NBA season and the reactions didn't take too long. Davis Bertans has made the decision to not go to Walt Disney World with his Washington Wizards, a decision that the team accepted without any problem.

However, not everybody is happy with Bertans and his mindset. In fact, Evan Fournier of the Orlando Magic disagreed with the way Bertans is handling things, sending a message to the sharpshooter on Twitter. Fournier claimed that what Bertans was doing is the representation of what is wrong with the NBA today.

"😂😂 this is whats wrong with the NBA nowadays man. Seriously tho. If you think its ok to sit and watch your teammates play while you re perfectly healthy its says a lot about you. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️," he wrote on Twitter.

Bertans has suffered several injuries throughout his career. He's trying to get a new contract with the Wizards or any other team in the association and risking his body in Orlando is not a good choice for him.

It's not as simple as Fournier tries to make it look; Bertans is hitting free agency in the offseason and the risk of losing money for going to Disney is always there.

Bertans replied to Fournier, asking him to tag him whenever he wanted to talk about him.

It looks like the Wizards will have to fight for a playoff spot without Bertans, but they're ok with that situation.