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Evan Fournier Takes A Shot At The Lakers For Complaining About The Referees: "It's Just How The Lakers Approach Games."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers have earned a reputation of whiners since they always complain to the referees whenever they feel a call isn't fair. Even when they get favorable calls, you can see some Lakers players venting to the refs about old plays or even trying to get a bigger punishment for their rivals. The purple and gold have earned some enemies for that and everybody is calling them out for their behavior.

Orlando Magic's figure Evan Fournier recently addressed this topic, revealing that the Lakers were always complaining to the refs, even when the games didn't have any impact on their record. Joining French show 'NBA Extra,' Fournier detailed how during their first scrimmage game in the bubble, the Lakers were trying to play mind games with the officials,

"Our first pre-bubble game was against the Lakers, and they complained from the first to the last minute, although it was a scrimmage, no TVs or anything. It’s just how the Lakers approach games," Fournier said.

If you've been following the bubble, you know this is how the Lakers play. Even in the Western Conference Finals, Frank Vogel admitted he had talked with the league since LeBron James wasn't getting 'enough free throws'. That should tell you how serious they take this matter.

Even with no cameras, no fan and no real meaning in the games, the Lakers have mastered the 'art of complaining' and people seem to have had enough of that.

Los Angeles will try to beat Miami in Game 6 of the Finals to finish the series and the season, winning their 17th title.