Evan Turner Destroys Fan Who Called Him Out Because Of Money: "I Took Most Of My Money Down To Club And Threw It At Your Girl And Her Friends."

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Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Evan Turner was known as one of the funniest players in the NBA during his active days and the former swingman reminded everybody of his comedy talents on social media when he pulled off a big comeback against an NBA fan trying to troll him for all the money he earned with the Portland Trail Blazers.

Turner tried to joke with the newest member of the team, Norman Powell, asking if he'd like to buy his old house in the city. That opened the door for a fan to call him out for the money he got during his time in Portland and Turner burned him with the comeback.

"Naw, I took most of it down to club Rouge and threw it at your girl and her friends. How you think your phone is still on??" Turner replied.


NBA fans took notice of this exchange and flooded Twitter with comments about Turner and how wrong he did to this fan.

Turner signed a 4-year, $70 million deal with the Blazers in 2016. During the time he was there, the swingman apparently didn't make enough to earn the love of the fan and this person let him know. However, he never knew that Turner had a big comeback under his sleeve and he must be regretting writing that comment right now.