The Proof That Every NBA Championship Can Have An Asterisk: 2004 Through 2021

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Credit: Slam Studios 

Credit: Slam Studios 

The 2021 NBA playoffs haven't been kind with players. We watched several stars going down with injuries, hurting their respective team's chances of having deeper playoffs run. 

Even before the Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks made it to the Finals, plenty of fans put an asterisk on this season after all the injuries we've seen in the past couple of months. This notion has gotten more popular in recent days, but that's debatable. In fact, if we look at the last 20 seasons or so, we can put an asterisk to more than one season. 

Slam Studios shared a couple of posts explaining what can make a season have an asterisk if we're strictly looking for that. 

"If you look hard enough, every ring in NBA history can have an asterisk (*) next to it. Luck will always be a factor, so let’s just appreciate greatness."

The point is that you can put an asterisk on every NBA season, but that doesn't the fact that injuries, suspensions, and more factors play when a team is chasing a championship. 

The team that adapts better to those situations will come out on top, even if they didn't look like favorites entering the playoffs. For instance, the Atlanta Hawks surprised everybody in the postseason this year, reaching the Eastern Conference Finals when nobody believed in them. 

You can say the Suns faced three injured teams during each round of the playoff, but if they lose against one of those teams, we would've watched plenty of jokes all around social media. 

This playoff has been nothing but entertaining, although it would have been great to watch every team with their stars ready to play. Still, we've watched great basketball, and the best teams in each conference will clash to define the 2021 NBA champions.