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Every Single NBA Player Named Gary Has Been Traded During The Trade Deadline

Gary Harris

Sometimes, the NBA is a league of coincidences. There are always random events that happen, and sometimes they are impossible to predict. This trade deadline featured some amazing trades that involved All-Stars, former and current. But there were multiple players who were never All-Stars, yet managed to draw the attention of fans and others.

This trade deadline, Gary Clark, Gary Harris, and Gary Trent Jr. were all traded from their teams. This fact means that every single player that was named Gary in the NBA was traded this trade deadline. Bleacher Report posted a Tweet highlighting this occurrence.

It's a tough day to be named Gary if you wanted to stay with your former team, it seems. Gary Trent Jr. was dealt in the Norman Powell trade to the Raptors from the Trail Blazers, while the other two Garys were dealt in for one another in a sense, as both were part of the Aaron Gordon deal for the respective teams.

The trade deadline is over, and soon, every Gary in the league will be on a different team. The NBA is a business, and players move all the time. However, every player with the same name getting traded hasn't happened in recent memory, making this an interesting fact about the deadline. Hopefully, all the Garys will find themselves in good situations with their new teams.