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Ex-Warriors GM Explains The One Thing Trae Young Has Over Steph Curry

Steve Kerr Says He 'Doesn't See' The Trae Young/Steph Curry Comparisons

(via Bleacher Report)

When talking about the best young point guards in the game, it'd be almost criminal to not mention Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young. As one of the best shooters the game has to offer, he changes the game for his team on the offensive end. And, as such, he often draws comparisons to another shooter on a different side of the country -- Golden State superstar Steph Curry.

And while Steph is, no doubt, the better player at this point, one Warriors executive actually gave the edge to Young in one major category: passing.

“The only thing he had over Steph was he’s probably a little bit better passer,” Riley told Greg Papa and John Lund, per NBC Sports. “The rest of it, Steph has the advantage. And Trae is still growing into the role that we’d like to see him take, he’s done very well with it, and we just hope he continues to progress.”

The stats seem to back up that claim. In his sophomore season, Young's 9.3 season assist average is not only more than Steph's career average, but it's also more than Steph has ever averaged in any single season of his career.

As for everything else, it's still too early to give Trae the edge.

Still, he's turning a lot of heads in the NBA and if all the noise says anything, it's that his potential for stardom is through the roof. Hopefully, he will continue to work and develop his game to meet the monumental expectations that have been hoisted on his shoulders.