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Exposed: Someone Hilariously Dug Up Lonzo Ball's Old Tweets And They Are Quite Interesting


Even though the Lakers are hideously bad (we saw a little bit of that last night), the team still somehow finds themselves as popular as they've ever been. While part of that has to do with the city they play for, a lot of it can also be contributed to former UCLA phenom, Lonzo Ball.

Sparing much detail, Lonzo finds himself in a situation where the whole world is watching his every move. From his talent on the court and his family off of it, the Lakers' guard is perhaps one of the most hyped up rookies in recent memory. That's why, after Lonzo's debut against the Clippers last night, it was no surprise that someone dug into his past a little bit.

And, considering the situation the Lakers were in last night (losing by 16 points, with Lonzo only scoring 3), it's pretty ironic.

Judging by last night, it's safe to say that tweet is pretty accurate.

Okay, maybe Lonzo has a thing for predicting the future. A few years ago, he was trashing the Lakers, and now he finds himself right in the middle of the mess!

We'll give it a rest here, because, to be quite honest, those three tweets alone summarize everyone's thoughts after last nights game. Seriously though, it's funny how time changes things. Every once in a while, future stars say some thing on social media they regret. And while Lonzo didn't necessarily say anything bad here, it definitely came back to haunt him... and to give us a good laugh.

Either way, it's definitely been an interesting start to the season. And hopefully, Lonzo will be getting more attention to how he plays on the court, rather than what he tweets on the internet.