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Fan Jokes That Opponents Should Throw LeBron James Outside Of The Bubble So He Can Be Forced Into Quarantine

(via EssentiallySports)

(via EssentiallySports)

The NBA "bubble" games are going to offer a unique experience for basketball players and fans. Not only is the format going to be changed, but the players themselves are going to be competing after months of rest.

Additionally, as the season progresses, players, coaches, and anyone else within the confines of the "bubble" will have to abide by the rules -- which include limiting contact to the outside world, getting tested every day, and wearing masks whenever appropriate.

All the uncertainty got a lot of folks thinking and one fan, in particular, suggested a strategy that could technically turn the tides of any team who wanted to win bad enough.

Here's the original post:

If the Bucks and Lakers are playing in the finals. What happens if the Lopez brothers breaks into LeBron’s room, picks him up, and carries him to the edge of the bubble and throws him out. Would he then have to quarantine for the finals? Would the Bucks be penalized for this even though the Lopez twins didn’t go outside of the bubble?

The rule right now is that anyone who travels outside the bubble, for any reason, gets immediately quarantined -- severing their ties to their team and disqualifying them to play until they are cleared.

If someone were to force LeBron out of the bubble, the consensus seems to be that he would have to be quarantined to abide by the health and safety standards set by the NBA.

Of course, it doesn't mean the Bucks (or any other team responsible for forcing James outside) wouldn't face any consequences.

Either way, it seems unlikely to happen. As badly as teams want to win, going so far as to force James into quarantine isn't the right way to do it and there's o way the community would stand for it.

In the end, I wouldn't count on something like this happening. But, you never really know...