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Fan Loses A Bet And Must Tattoo His Face After Deandre Ayton Made A 3-Pointer

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

One Phoenix Suns fans must pay a bet after Deandre Ayton incredibly made a 3-pointer during a scrimmage game on Thursday. Ayton is known by anything but being a talented 3-point shooter, so he making that shot was something important for him, his team and the fans.

That 3-point, however, made a fan lose a bet and now he'll have to tattoo his face after the play. Andrew Lozoya, or @AndrewLeezus on Twitter, asked his Twitter peers to screenshot a tweet where he claimed that he would get a “DOMINAYTON” tattoo on his face if the second-year center could sink a three.

The Suns' Twitter account screenshotted the tweet and instantly call out the fan for his bold claim.

Lozoya appears to be living up to his promise but he's not changing his behavior on social media.

“I tweet whatever’s on my mind and I deal with the repercussions later,” Lozoya joked about the tweet, via Arizona Sports.

Even though Ayton's 3-pointer could change his look, he's happy that the player is actually improving his game and can be a true inside-outside threat for the rivals.

“It’s just so important in the modern NBA to have someone like him who can space the floor,” Lozoya said.

“He has to shoot them or else we’ve seen before in games where they just leave him because they know he’s not looking to shoot. He’s just looking to hand the ball off.”

Ayton has attempted a grand total of seven triples throughout his one-and-a-half year career in the NBA but this successful try can encourage the big man to attempt more.