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Fan Makes Portrait Of Kobe Bryant Using Rubik's Cubes

(Credit: @brundagemagic)

(Credit: @brundagemagic)

Kobe Bryant's sudden passing has brought out the best of a lot of us. While weeping and mourning this tragic loss, a lot of people have also made the most of the opportunity to show their talents.

Bryant inspired millions of people all across the globe and not only in sports. He demanded greatness from all of his teammates, and why not, even his fans.

Therefore, a lot of his supporters have paid their respects and honored their memory with some outstanding works of art, like Twitter user @brundagemagic, who made a portrait of Kobe Bryant using nothing but Rubik's cubes.

This is just one of the thousands of the tributes Kobe's fans have done over the last couple of days, and they're going to keep coming for years to come.

Bryant touched so many lives and inspired us all to be great, to be legendary. So even if it may take a lot of time, even if it's hard, we'll work our hearts off to show him how much he meant to all of us.

Keep grinding, keep showing your support, keep Kobe Bryant alive by honoring his memory with hard work. That's Kobe's true legacy. Mamba forever!