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Fans Clown The Clippers After Preseason Loss To Lakers Without LeBron James And Anthony Davis

(via Lakers Daily)

(via Lakers Daily)

It's only the preseason, but Lakers fans are already starting their assault on Clippers Nation.

In the first preseason game of the year, the Clippers, with Kawhi and Paul George, ended up losing to their biggest rivals who were without their core players.

Losing by six points to the undermanned LA squad, it certainly wasn't the start Clippers fans preferred, and (of course) they heard chatter all night by the other side...

Kawhi and PG each played just 14 minutes each, dropping a combined 13 points. Clearly, this game shouldn't be taken as an indicator of how this upcoming campaign will play out.

Still, it's yet another moment that the Lakers come out on top, which seems to be a recurring theme for LA basketball.

If the Clippers want to win when it actually counts, they will need their best players to step up in amazing ways.