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Fans Debate What NBA Figures Could Join Inside The NBA After Draymond Green: "Dray With Wade And Shaq Would Be Fun."

Fans Debate What NBA Figures Could Join Inside The NBA After Draymond Green: "Dray With Wade And Shaq Would Be Fun."

TNT's Inside the NBA is one of the most popular, if not the most popular shows on television when it comes to basketball. Shaquille O'Neal, along with long-time contributors Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley have become favorites for NBA fans across the world. They recently added another interesting personality to the panel for semi-regular appearances in Draymond Green

However, Draymond started getting in some conversations about what the panel could look like once the big guns move towards retirement. Both Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley are unlikely to be involved for too long, with Chuck once saying that he could retire in the next 2 years. NBA fans on Reddit have their opinions on who they would like to see on their beloved show and gave some suggestions for what TNT can do. 

OnlyFactsMatter: "If you try to replicate the magic it will fail miserably. The new panel should do their own thing and find their own style."

TitillatingTrilobyte: "Maybe Dray with Wade and Shaq would be fun."

AOCourage: "Candace Parker is the Kenny as in former player who actually knows the game."

YurrBrooklyn: "CJ McCollum does a great job too.. hopefully they get him."

TheBlakeRunner: "Blake Griffin would be good. Just please not Perk."

BallerGuitarer: "Blake Griffin has the best verbal sense of humor of any NBA All-Star, and I'm sure he has pretty good insight as well. He should replace Shaq."

secretwealth: "I think Richard Jefferson would be great - dude is hilarious on his podcast. Another option could be JJ Reddick."

Bigfatloserboi: "Do everything you can to pull Richard Jefferson away from ESPN."

Wolvesin7: "Edwards, Embiid, Draymond, Giannis."

KobeWanKenobi: "Giannis would just compliment everyone, it would be so boring."

BassBuster: "They’ll never be duplicated. But I want JJ, Dray, Embiid, and Butler. They all understand the same well and talk mad shit. It would be hilarious."

fabfour: "Extremely hard to replace them. Imo they’re the best panel in sports. But I could see guys like JJ Redick or Reggie Miller being good substitutes. Ugh I dread the day Ernie calls it quits."

It's unlikely that the chemistry of the current 4 co-hosts could be replicated in the same way, but there are a number of personalities in the NBA that could do the show justice in their own way. Inside The NBA remains one of the funniest shows to watch in the meanwhile though, and the hope is that none of the regulars will actually retire anytime soon.