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Fans Debate Which Is Better: NBA Christmas Vs. NFL Thanksgiving

LeBron James

The holiday season is everyone's favorite time of year. For sports fans, they have even more to look forward to.

On Thanksgiving, the NFL rules the American sports world, as Turker-day games have been a longstanding tradition for the league.

The NBA, meanwhile, takes over on Christmas, with a whole slate of games going on from the afternoon through the night. This is the day that all the best and most exciting teams are matched up against each other.

Both occasions have their own unique elements, and both are great in their own way. Of course, it didn't stop fans from picking one over the other. 

This Thanksgiving, as the NBA took a break for the holiday, come fans couldn't help but compare the two occasions, and it led to a huge debate on Twitter over which sport does their holiday better.

It's no secret that the NFL is at the top of American sports right now, ahead of every other major sports league. Through six weeks of the 2021 season, national NFL broadcasts are averaging 16.6 million viewers, an absolutely insane number. The fact is, football is the most-watched event on television, and that has been true for a number of years now.

Regardless, NBA Christmas is no joke either. While basketball might lose the war, one could make the case that their games are far more interesting, simply because the NBA makes it a point to showcase their best and most interesting teams.

In the end, it's hard to compare NBA Christmas and NFL Thanksgiving, especially since you can just watch both.

But in a world where basketball fans and football fans have developed their own little rivalry, it seems this topic is one that will surface every single year.

The only thing that's really important is that the NBA Christmas games this season live up to all the hype...