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Fans Have Begun To Speculate After Joel Embiid's Latest Comment To Jimmy Butler

(via Heat Nation)

(via Heat Nation)

Despite a pretty nasty exit from the Sixers, Jimmy Butler seems to be in good standing with their star big man (his former teammate) Joel Embiid.

They've shown love several times since the split and there seems to be talk in the community of them possibly reuniting one day in the future.

Whether or not there's any truth to those rumors is still in question, but JoJo's IG activity today didn't exactly do much to quell the noise. Following the Heat's Game 1 victory over Milwaukee today, Butler posted a celebratory pic on Instagram, clearly feeling good about the play of himself and his team.

In the comments, Mr. Embiid typed three simple words that have everyone talking: "Proud of you."

It hasn't manifested as anything more than encouragement from a former teammate, but it hasn't stopped fans from talking about it.

Joel is bearing witness to all that Butler and the Heat have been able to do this season. One could argue it's the same spot Philly was projected to be in just a year ago.

Instead, in the wake of some serious roster-building mistakes, the 76ers are going back to the drawing board, leaving Joel Embiid and the rest of the team to witness the NBA postseason play-out from the couch.

One has to wonder what things might be like if Joel goes and joins Butler in Miami. Can you imagine the success that would bring?

That possibility is still a long-shot, for now. But it's certainly something to watch out for as the 2020 offseason draws near.