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Fans Joke: Warriors And Grizzlies Rest Their Top Players To Avoid The Lakers In Play-In Tournament

Warriors And Grizzlies Rest Their Top Players In A Possible Attempt To Avoid The Lakers In Play-In Tournament

As the NBA season draws to a close, the play-in tournament looms overhead for a number of teams in the Western Conference.

If the Lakers are able to win their next two games, and the Blazers lose their final match, they can avoid the play-in entirely, and instead skip straight to a first-round matchup against the Clippers.

If not, then they'll have to battle for their spot, which means they'll likely be facing the Grizzlies or Warriors.

Interestingly, both Memphis and Golden State made the interesting decision to rest much of their starters on Friday, leading some fans to joke that they're doing all they can to avoid a play-in matchup against the Lakers.

Realistically, it's likely that both teams decided to rest their players because they don't care who they face in the play-in. At this point, it probably doesn't matter much to them who they might have to get through in a play-in scenario. Plus, it's really Sunday's game (between the Warriors and Grizzlies) that matters anyway, so resting players today means very little in the grand scheme of things.

Still, the fans persisted in perpetuating the idea that they're throwing games on purpose to drop a spot and avoid L.A.

All jokes aside, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out and who will end up advancing the furthest.

This postseason is really shaping up to be one of the best.